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Space Saving Storage Designs

Space saving and micro living designs are helpful in areas where having enough room is a factor. The following are a few ideas that offer creative and flexible storage options.

From Nook Architects, their renovation of a narrow apartment in Barcelona, Spain includes a clever floor based storage option. An inlay of traditionally placed floor tiles and gorgeous wooden flooring leads to a step up window seat that faces the terrace.

The terrace is raised, and before the redesign the doorway was narrow and not an ideal entrance to the outdoor space. The design team had the idea to install the raised floor as a step up to the outside, and it also can be used for a window seat. The underneath storage compartments are a bonus feature.

Space Saving Storage Designs

Image source: by nieve from dezeen.com

From architect Ranaan Stern, this small room was reinvented into an artist’s office and storage space.

Space Saving Storage Designs

Image source: Gidon Levin from dezeen.com

The light birch wood throughout makes the well put together space feels fresh and bright since it reflects the sunlight.

The room can also double as a guest bedroom due to the folding bed placed in the wall. The studio includes a wall of drawer units, moveable compartments and pegboard walls.

Space Saving Storage Designs

Image source: Gidon Levin from dezeen.com

Some of the drawers are even color coded to provide an extra layer of organization. The sliding doors are made from wooden pallets that can be used for storing or removed for use.

Another innovative idea for a small apartment space comes from Clei Italia. By creating a line of transformable furniture, the designer has made pictures that can be turned into chairs, and couches that turn into beds with a flip.

Space Saving Storage Designs

Image source: archdaily.com

Have a look at the multiuse furniture in action:

Though it would be nice, an entire well organized apartment or room isn’t always possible.

This modular storage system called ADD is from designer Anya Sebton.

Space Saving Storage Designs

Image source: sebton.com

It is a steel framed unit that could hold a lot of items without taking up a whole room. Made to hold clothing, magazines, office files, plants and many other items, it also doubles as decoration. A weekend do it yourself project could probably produce a similar result without breaking the bank.

Having a storage area that is organized and easily accessible is ideal for any interior, no matter what the scale.

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