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Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Beds can take up a lot of space, and designs that are meant to save room can sometimes be rudimentary.

However, the following are a few examples meant to incorporate modernism and function that make normal beds seem, well, normal.

The bedup from DÉCADRAGES is a modern take on the murphy bed concept, but instead of folding up into the wall this bed stores in the ceiling.

When the sleeping surface is not wanted the bed, which is mounted into a stabilized system, can be placed up near the ceiling level. When put up out of the way a shelf and storage area can be accessed.

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Image source: bedup.fr

Another example with space as the inspiration comes from a designer that has thought of a clever way to have a resting mat that can be hidden away during the day. Karen Babel’s bookshelf bed is one part shelf, one part portable padding.

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Image source: yankodesign.com/2007/10/05/bookcase-into-a-bed

Suspended shelving units help hold up resting mats, which can fold out into either a single or double sleeper. This idea would work well in a guest space, children’s room or any place an extra cot is occasionally needed, and a skilled and crafty person could probably replicate a do it yourself version of this concept.

Though not really a bed for a tight space but a full on gorgeous, modern design is the Private Cloud handmade bed that takes the idea of the soothing rocking motion of a cradle and kicks it up in a large-scale, modern day production.

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Image source: private-cloud.de

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

The bed is encased in an oval shaped frame, and can be a free form rocker or secured by locking the base or a bedside table can be purchased that scoots up to the bottom rail to hold it in place. There is also one available without the encircling frame.

Shiner has an eco-friendly version of this distinctive design.

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Image source: shinerinternational.com/wordpress/?p=31

It is constructed out of discarded materials from industrial locations, incorporating tossed out items into a new fun and functional object that offers a lot of product but is made with low energy manufacturing. Attention to the reprocessing aspect of the furniture design has led to pairing with recycling and waste companies in order to collect their cast off materials and upcycle them.

The mood rocking bed and other pieces are created with an environmental eye that was initially inspired by a black eye.

Space Saving and Contemporary Sleeping

Image source: shinerinternational.com

The man behind the bruise that can still be felt, Joe Manus, says:

It is our goal to transform tons of landfill-destined materials into killer design. By building heirloom pieces out of disposable elements, we refine the future by upcycling the past.”

These uncommon sleeping quarters might come with an upscale price tag along with their unique designs, but dreaming doesn’t cost anything.

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