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A Pop-Up Relaxed Space for the Stressed Out


The problem with modern times is that we are all hyper-connected, doing multiple things at the same time and frankly, a bit stressed out.

In response to this issue Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller created a great flexible space to read, relax, hang around and be with oneself. Developed within the Fabrica experimental center, Soft Fold Cabane gives people a stress-free time.

Soft Fold Cabane consists of a wooden structure that can be folded and unfolded and fits in just about any corner of the house. The long square section of wooden bars, found at a local flea market, are bolted together creating a flexible space inside.

Within the pop-up space, one can find a small simple lecture table made from wood and painted pale blue. There is also a lamp for reading until early hours and a small soft seat.

Also, various blankets can be found within this unique piece of furniture, to make the stay cozy, warm and happier. These blankets have multiple uses: they could be hang from the wooden structure creating temporary walls, make a soft tatami-style floor, fold as cushions or just used to cover oneself if it gets a bit chilly.


A space that is flexible, austere and comfortable, Soft Fold Cabane was designed to pop-up when it’s needed and can be stored in the wardrobe or underneath the bed. It is a space to meditate, relax or drink tea over a chat with a friend. It is a space within the house where one can find calmness and good quality time avoiding daily life commitments.

Dessuant and Keller’s space is minimal and has only a few important items. It is made entirely using pastel shades and soft warm materials that create a sense of tranquility that nowadays is a real luxury to have, all within your own home.

Image Source: Marie Dessuant 

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