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The Velocino – The Pocket Sized Italian Bike


Handy, pocket sized and very cute, Velocino is Italian manufacturer Abici’s latest bike.

Charming and charged with history, they are a re-design of a bike first commissioned by Italian dictator Mussolini, who wanted a two-wheeler which was the perfect size to carry around with him.

In fact, Abici’s first models were inspired by classic pieces from the 30s, 40s and 50s that owners Giuseppe Marcheselli, Stefano Seletti and Cristiano Gozzi would find in old bike shops and nearby scrap yards within Italy’s Alpine region of Lombardy. But one day they found an old Velocino model and never looked back.

Each Velocino bike is handmade in Italy and rigorously tested. They showcase the country’s excellence in design and manufacturing with special attention to the detail. Simple and harmonious, they feature a unique retro simplicity and hi-tech features including a clean design with no wires or any other attachments. Compact, light and handy they are perfect for the city and can be easily stored at home.

Tiny bikes are back in fashion.

Velocino Pocket Size Italian Bike by Abici

In England there are the ‘Brompton’, the US has ‘Dahon’ and France has got Pilippe Starck’s new ‘Pibal‘ bike, which is a scooter and bike all in one. Portugal on the other side has the triangular ‘Strida’ bikes (said to be the smallest ones) and now Italy has its very own folding bike, the Velocino.

Inspired by the generations of old bikes, Velocino comes in one single size and is a new edition of an original model of a 30’s bike. Its Italian steel frame with joints and braze welding can be turned around for riding with the hands next to the seat or used in the standard way.

It comes with tyres with reflecting lines, a leather saddle and grips and a back-pedal rear brake for a cleaner design and for avoiding cables everywhere.

Image Source: Abici

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