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The Sloping, Bioclimatic House

Sloping bioclimatic house

Image source: www.rodriguezgil-arquitecto.com/Portada

Spanish architect José Luis Rodríguez Gil built a peculiar shaped house with the aim to make it self-sufficient. Standing within the rocky arid landscape of Tenerife this piece of unique architecture integrates into the landscape thanks to its sloping façade.

An innovative shelter located within the Bioclimatic Experimental Urbanization of ITER Park (Technological Institute for Renewable Energies), this house takes into account the cli­mate and environmental con­di­tions of the area while keeping a sustainable equilibrium.

Made from a local basalt stonewall, which was the start of the project, this sloping house is topped by a light structure of plywood with galvanized steel walls and glass.

Designed for a family of four, this Spanish shelter has an austere living space facing the south that gets privileged views into the landscape while protecting the interiors from extreme conditions like strong sun and furious winds.

The smaller sleeping area that faces north, keeps cozy and private hiding behind the beautiful central stonewall.

With a budget of around € 108,000 and a total constructed area of 1,300 square foot, this beautiful, experimental eco-friendly shelter was ahead of its time.

Designed back 1995 this bioclimatic shelter uses local materials and construction systems, certified wood (free from PVC and VOC compounds) and synthetic paints and varnishes.

Cladded with solar panels on one side, the sloping façade makes the most out of the sun’s clean energy, which is used for producing free electricity and hot water. The other side of the roof is cladded with brise soleil filtering the strong Spanish sun and letting the breeze and ventilation inside.

This beautiful, experimental home also has an outdoors area protected from the sun and wind that lets its inhabitants be in close contact with their surroundings and gives them plenty of heat and sunshine throughout the year.

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