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Why Skinny Homes Are All The Rage

Narrow homes are quickly becoming both a fashion statement and an effector of environmental change.

Ranging anywhere from 5 – 15 feet in width, these tiny houses are great conversation starters, and make real on their ecological stipulations.

These miniature houses usually only sacrifice width, and have the normal length of an average-sized home. They oftentimes have two or three stories, and come with the full range of amenities you would expect from a normal home, just in a smaller package.

This means that everything from heating bills to water usage is cut in half.

With less piping needed to flow through the home, and minimalistic material needs, build costs are kept to a fragment of normal housing project expenses. These homes aren’t for everyone, obviously, but if you’re the type who believes that less is more, you’ll appreciate the eccentric lifestyle offered by a skinny home.

Large cities like New York and Los Angeles are experimenting with an array of narrow homes and narrow apartments in an effort to provide living arrangements for their ballooning populations, and also to cut down on yearly energy waste. So far, the experiments are proving a success. People with narrow homes enjoy them just as much, if not more, than they did of their former spacious dwelling.

Certainly some adjustments are necessary to fit into a more ecologically conducive lifestyle, but that is expected. Energy consumption levels are nearly non-existent when compared to average homes. It’s easier to use solar panels and other natural means of harnessing energy when you’re using it to power a miniature home. And with proper utilization of daylighting, using room lights during the daytime hours is all but completely unnecessary.

Currently, you can find several of these skinny homes on the market in larger cities like the aforementioned New York, Los Angeles, and others. If you’d like to either build or renovate your own, you can find some helpful tips at this website.


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