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Totally Simple to Make Tiered Dresses and Skirts

If you have a supply of extra fabric or unworn skirts or dresses, think about transforming them into custom tiered fashions.

Using mainly old clothes, fabric remnants or inexpensive thrift store finds, you can make your own tiered dresses and skirts, and the same technique can be used to make designs to fit both child and grown up sizes.

Additional supplies needed are scissors, thread or fabric glue and a sewing machine or endurance abundant sewing hands. Portions of clothing or other recycled fabrics are ideal for this project, as are things that are never worn, like old miniskirts or other pieces.

If you want to change up a skirt or dress by adding tiers, straightly cut through the fabric at the length where you want to start placing the panels and begin adding the strips. If trying to attain a longer look in an already existing article, sew on tiers until the desired length is achieved. The strips can be cut narrow or wide, and either a few or several can be added.

The same color tiers can be used for a solid piece, or shades can be incorporated for a contrasting color blocking effect. Mixing and matching a few unused dresses or skirts can extend a wardrobe without overextending a budget.

When using repurposed clothing and fabrics, save the leftovers for other projects. For example, use fabric pieces to turn into belts and buttons for other clothes that may be missing some.

For instructions on how to make a simple tiered dress happy together provides a guide, and noelle o designs has a tutorial and pattern for designing a tiered skirt.








For a variation, look at the tiered pillowcase dress directions from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

If you don’t have access to a sewing machine or prefer to make an unstitched version, the same idea can be made in a no sew style. Use the same basic steps, however instead of sewing the strips together adhere them with fabric glue. Place a decorative ribbon, lace or un-frayed strip on top of the seam and glue in place so the raw edge will not show. When finished, iron until it is fully set.

Want something a bit more upscale? Check out this pattern from Weekend designer for a tiered evening gown using an Oscar de la Renta dress for inspiration.

While it is a little more than basic, the instructions are thorough and the idea is mostly uncomplicated. If you don’t want to put in a zipper as listed, use the same idea for the above girl’s tank top tiered dress. This elegant design can be made using a camisole, t-shirt or blouse, then just adding longer panels with a shorter one at the bottom for a ruffled effect. As for the waist detail, just fold the top of the fabric over an elastic band and sew together on the backside, allowing room for the band.

This type of design is a fairly simple concept, and once you make a tiered fashion you will probably already be planning out your next one.

Image Source: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

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