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Shopping Bag Art

Around this retail shopping crazy time of year the amount of packaging and bags multiplies drastically.

Bags to many are an item that gets an instant toss into the recycling if they are no longer going to be used to carry things. However, some artists with the ability to see the commonplace as something completely different can turn an ordinary bag into an artform.

Artist Yuken Teruya works with an assortment of everyday materials, like paper and shopping bags. His series made from the restaurant and retail spawned material is called Notice – Forest.

Shopping Bag Art

Shopping Bag Art

Transforming bags into unbelievable dimensional pieces, he finely cuts out tree shapes and other natural forms that he says are reminiscent of his birthplace in Okinawa, Japan.

Shopping Bag Art

The detail in the branches, stems and leaves of the bag sculptures is incredible.

Shopping Bag Art Shopping Bag Art Shopping Bag Art Shopping Bag Art

Teruya definitely changes the consumer experience, reminding what it takes to produce disposable bags.

Shopping Bag Art

Above images are via Yuken Teruya Studio.

If you are inspired to use up any piles of shopping bags check out the following projects. Though they are obviously much less involved than Teruya’s series, they are a practical and crafty way to recycle.

Shopping bags can be used to make book covers, and can be easily changed once worn. This is a project that is perfect for kids, and they can make personalized covers for text books or favorite reads.

Shopping Bag Art

Image source: inmyownstyle.com

Also, retail bags can be used as inexpensive wall art material. This shows the simple how-to in action:

This tutorial shows how to turn plastic grocery bags into a sewable, versatile material that can make use of the bags, but also of the designs that can be found on them.

Shopping Bag Art

Image source: craftpassion.com

Place 2 pieces of plain white paper between the shopping bags, being sure that the paper completely covers the plastic so that it will not melt on the surface of the iron. Slowly iron the sheet on a low to medium heat setting until entirely fused. Be careful not let the temperature get too high or it will melt the plastic. Once the sheets are cooled they can be reused.

Shopping bag projects are easy ways to exhibit thrifty, smart style. Trying to replicate Teruya’s work may take a bit more practice.

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