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Classy Makeovers At Studio Tinman

Acknowledging that new materials are not always the best choice, this artist reuses automobile and motorcycle scraps to make high end new pieces that still hold their classic details.

Ronen Tinman of Studio Tinman utilizes junkyards to find his materials, stating that once he sees a compatible piece he can almost immediately visualize the new design that can be created.

His pieces are smooth and artful, but they are also functional.

The artist stated a background in mechanical engineering played a role in his current interest. Incorporating many different trades, for instance welding, painting and restorative techniques he is able to create many different objects. The studio produces a range of pieces including furniture, mirrors, lighting, shelving, storage cabinets and even sink vanities.

Tinman says of the studio:

At the TinMan studio, we are aware that the availability of raw materials is limited. To promote awareness of smart consumption habits and maximize the resources at hand, we use parts of cars and motorcycles found in junkyards, and transform them into functional, useful products that are used daily. Doing so, we infuse these parts with a second life, while preserving a hint of their glamorous automotive history.

With an eye for details that many miss, he is able to see the potential in the discarded parts, exterior curves and even in the damage it may have accumulated over the years. Each item receives a great deal of attention and a lot of time is spent on the specifics. The end result is a polished, smart piece that makes it hard to believe it came from a rusty old scrap pile.

Classy Makeovers At Studio Tinman

Automobiles are highly recycled, at about an annual rate of 95% and the American Iron and Steel Institute stated that around 26 of them are recycled nationwide each minute.

While most parts are reprocessed into new vehicles, some are also turned into other new consumer products. Luckily along the way the old materials also make their way into the hands of those who can create such distinct pieces.

The Automotive Recyclers Association has a make and model inventory search available that lists companies that offer recycled car parts.

All images are the property of Ronen Tinman.

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