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Winterize Your Home

As the winter weather approaches there are a few tips that will help you keep it green while winterizing your home.  These tips will not only help you have less of an environmental footprint they will also help you save a few dollars for that ever-growing Christmas list.

Programmable thermostats allow you to select different temperatures for your house based on a schedule. This investment of less than $100 will save you up to $180 per year. Use it to program the temperature a little lower when away at work. No reason to overheat when there is nobody at home.

Weather stripping will help reduce the amount of cold air coming in the home. Many doors already have weather stripping but it can become worn and should be replaced. Weather stripping is inexpensive and can be used on windows and doors to keep cold air out and the heat in.

At Christmas we have a tendency to add tons of lights to our home. Minimal lights are just as pretty as decorating the whole house. Try using energy efficient lighting such as LED lights and just decorate in a few places. Solar lights add a little more light to your decorations and what’s better than a light you do not have to add to your electricity bill.

Tree clippings can help heat your home so before you send them off to the dump have that fireplace cleaned and checked then burn that wood to heat your home. Fall leaves additionally make a fantastic mulch to help nurture the grass in the winter months.

Lastly, remember a hoodie, sweats, and a blanket can help you knock off a few degrees on the thermostat. Plus, the transition from indoor to outdoor will help your body adjust accordingly with less possibility of sickness. Bundled up and stay green this winter!


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