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10 Tips to a Green Home

Save Water – Turning off the taps properly, decreasing the time spent in showers and limiting your bath use are just some of the ways in which we can consume less water. Catching rain water for plants and cleaning can also save on this resource

Green Products – Switching to plant based cleaning and beauty products can help the environment immensely. No harmful toxins are entering the waterways and they are better for our wellbeing

Go Paperless – Transferring all your mail into electronic mail is a quick way to reduce waste in the household. Statements, newsletters and brochures can all be received online

Compost – Adding a compost to your household decreases waste to landfill and is a wonderful fertiliser for your plants and herbs

Reduce Plastics – Take a reuseable cloth bag to the shops. Reduce your use of cling-film by using reusable tupperware (BPA-free, of course!)

Recycle – Find out what your council will recycle for you and have separate bins for each category. Be imaginative with your waste and think what it could be turned into or used for

Light Source – Turn it off! Never leave an empty room with a light on. Burn some soy candles instead. Use energy-efficient light globes. Some electricity companies actually provide you with some or at a discounted rate

Hot and Cold – Heating and cooling a house can really push the energy consumption through the roof. Be mindful if you really need to use it and perhaps take other steps before you crank the thermometer, like put a sweater on, or take it off!

Burn – Essential Oils are a wonderful alternative to air-fresheners

Appliances – Turn off all appliances if not using them. They can release carbon into the air unnecessarily

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