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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Without A Fridge

Save food from the fridge

Image source: www.savefoodfromthefridge.com

Korean designer Jihyun Ryou has come up with a solution for storing fresh food without the need of electricity.

Save Food From The Fridge is a charming collection of kitchen shelves that uses unsophisticated materials for keeping fruits and vegetables away from quick degradation, energy-free. Sensible and adorable, Jihyun Ryou’s objects re-introduce and re-evaluate the way we connect with other living beings and the way we eat.

There are different shelves with containers designed to store different vegetables, according to their shapes and humidity they need.

For storing rooted vegetables like carrots, radish and parsnip, Ryou created a container that stands them up vertically in sand, allowing them to keep in shape within proper humidity conditions.

For zucchinis, eggplants and cucumbers, which are biologically fruits, the designer created a special small glass funnel with water at the bottom, that gently evaporate making the live food stay fresh and humid for a long time.

Save food from the fridge

Image source: www.savefoodfromthefridge.com

Save Food From The Fridge combines potatoes and apples in one container. The idea is to keep potatoes out of the light inside a wooden box (so the sprouting is delayed) while fresh apples are exhibited on top, visible and ready to eat.

Dipping eggs in water can test freshness by seeing if they go to the bottom or float (which means they are old). So the designer created a wooden shelf for keeping them tidy and standed, next to a bowl full of water for testing them before eating.

The shelf for storing spices it is also very clever. They are stored in glass jars with a lid, which top is made from renewable cork and bottom is filled with salt that keeps the spices dry and humidity free.

In the designer’s own words:

Vegetables and fruits continue to live even after they are picked. They keep breathing, taking oxygen from the air and giving off carbon dioxide, water vapor and heat. By regulating temperature and humidity, it is possible to slow down this respiration, resulting in a longer storage time.

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