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Rethinking The Walls

Walls have more options than to be covered only in coats of paint.

Designing a wall space around lifestyle needs can be done to fit any budget. The following are neat ideas that take flat, dull surfaces and bring them to life.

One concept design called Kids Interactive fills a wall surface with tiles meant for tactile play and motor skill development. The tiles are easy to care for, plus it brightens up the wall.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: yellowgoat.com.au

If you want to try your hand at tiling, check out this tutorial for DIY mosaic tiles. Anything that will adhere to the walls can be applied using this basic technique.

For larger surfaces, blank walls can be given a lift with a new look. Salvaged and natural materials can be used for entire wall surfaces.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: homedsgn.com

For decoration and soundproofing, these hexagon tiles are made from naturally recyclable supplies like wood, wool and cement. The same idea can be done using carpet samples.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: formuswithlove.se

A wall mural, sticker or wallpapered accent wall with depth gives an area a new perspective. Scenic and nature inspired designs bring in an unexpected element.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: facebook.com/ascensionlatorre

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: lushome.com

Creating a wall design with the notion for keeping items in their place will lend to a clutter free space and create easily accessible storage.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: apartmenttherapy.com

Indoor gardens are ideal for freshening up a space and helping to filter the air. Made from recycled plastic, the Ballavaz self-watering plant system can be used indoors or out.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: kuldesigns.com

Urbio is a magnetic modular shelving system that can be used as plant containers or to hold other items like artwork and office supplies.

For a less expensive spin on this concept, try a pegboard wall. Not just for the garage, a durable pegboard wall system can be used in any room for instant organization.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: honeybearlane.com

To use paint differently, this DIY project takes an outline and pattern, and then repeats it on the wall with paint or fabric markers.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: dykast.us

Original paint applications, as seen in the rooms of this home, can be done to liven up an area.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: vickvanlian.com

Also, chalkboard ideas for walls are functional, interactive and fun.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: lovelylife.se

Wallpaper is one interior design that has come a long way. Modern wall coverings are easier to adhere to the wall, available in tons of styles and can even be found on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, as seen in this seascape design.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: abigailedwards.com

If you’re not afraid of encouraging coloring on the walls and are a fan of wallpaper, check out Frames, an interactive wall covering.

Rethinking The Walls

Image source: grahambrown.com

Turning wall surfaces into functional areas or updating them to display an artful presentation is an uncomplicated project that will change up a whole room.

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