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The Universal Bookshelf

If you could own only one piece of furniture in your home – bed and appliances aside – you would do well to make that piece a bookshelf.

Much more than a personal library, bookshelves can be customized several times throughout their lifespan to cater to nearly any storage or entertainment needs.

All it takes is a little addition and subtraction, of shelves, curtains, hooks, or even doors. One day you may need a trophy display case, with shelves well parted to meet the clearance of your winning souvenirs.

Another day you may decide you’d fancy the bottom a liquor cabinet. No problem. Just rearrange the bottom shelves and with the assistance of hinges, add on doors to keep the contents safe.

We have explored a few creative uses for your bookshelf and hope you enjoy personalizing yours.

Bookshelf Ideas

Image source: blog.landofnod.com

Dollhouse – Creating a manor for your child’s dolls takes little effort at all. When using a bookshelf as a dollhouse, each shelf can function as a “floor” of the home. You need only to fill it with miniatures or handmade furniture. If your child wishes for a more customized dollhouse, you can decorate the “walls” using wall paper samples or old wrapping paper. This allows for a lovely backdrop on which your child can display their artwork as masterpieces in their dolls’ house.

Vanity – With make up stashed in drawers within the shelves, you have room in the middle of the bookshelf to hang your best or worst critic, the mirror. Perhaps you may add a side light or place the bookshelf near natural light, so you can attain a bathroom worthy light exposure to better your judgement.

Art Studio – Whether you simply to need to house craft supplies or a space to take the place of your closet studio, bookshelves can be easily adjusted to meet the task. Keeping a fair amount of space between the middle and top shelves, you have plenty of room for a table-top easel.  Lower shelves can hold paints, canvases, and mixed media materials. While top shelves can support an assortment of creative tools, from paintbrushes and crayons, to scissors and adhesives.

Secretary Desk – Great for casual note jotting or intense studying. Place the middle shelf to meet your sitting height, as this will be your desk. The other departments can be used as stationary areas and hold paper and writing supplies – and books, of course.

Entertainment Center – Converting a bookshelf into a cinema complex, you have space for your television in the middle, while stereos can be placed on bottom shelves. Top shelves are a good place to store DVDs and CDs, or an Ipod dock. You could even drape red curtains for a theatrical touch.

Bookshelf ideas

Image source: www.nidhaspa.com

Pantry – Freestanding or tucked in a closet, bookshelves can support all of your non-perishables. In addition to shelves that can hold boxed and canned goods, you can install rotating spice racks, and even leave a shelf for cookbooks and recipe cards.

Armoire – This is one the most versatile and space utilizing uses for a bookshelf. You could stick with shelves, lining them with your folded clothes. Or, to get a bit more adventurous, you could add drawers for bottoms and pajamas; cubbies for socks and such; a higher nook for hats to perch; and you could also install a few hooks from which jewelry or ties may hang. Should you want extra privacy for your attire, you can shield your belongings with the addition of doors, with individual doors for each “department” or doors that span the entire height of the armoire. You could also string up curtains at the top to mask items gently.

Yes, your bookshelf could be any of these things – or all at once.

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