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Recycling Skateboards

For Arizona based artists Devin and Lisa Kelley, skateboarding has been a life-long passion.

They share that passion with the world through wearable artwork, one where every unique piece has stories to tell.

The couple founded Recycled Skateboards International (RSI), a company dedicated to recycling some of the close to two million skateboards that are discarded each year by creating stunning necklaces, bracelets, and rings, to key chains, belt buckles and more.

Skateboarders take pride in riding their boards especially when making every nick and notch.

When skateboarders select a board in the store, they take notice of every nick and notch, every scrape and groove and they take care in knowing each and every mark there after that they add. Each one has an origin and a fascinating story behind it.

That mark was hard earned, it did not just show up, it was put there; those stories resonate through RSI’s crafts.

RSI hand makes each and every unique piece, drawing forth the inner and outer beauty of each retired deck to craft stunning jewelry and exceptional accessories. It is a legacy every board deserves, to make the transition from art form, to artwork.

Scrap skateboard decks have a bleak future, one minute they soar high above a half pipe and the next, they’re mixed with the crooked lumber and sent off to the wood chipper.

Some people rescue aluminum cans, but RSI recycles skateboards from landfills. RSI is reducing skateboarding’s carbon footprint. RSI partners with skateboarding shops all over the U.S. to keep the skateboarding decks out of the landfills. With a steady source of materials coming in from all over the U.S. this allows RSI to complete orders whether big or small.

Orders can be purchased online via their website or in select stores across Arizona and California.

They stand by their motto “We ride them, so we should recycle them.”


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