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Reuse Your Old Sweaters


Image source: www.homeworkshop.com

Sweaters that will probably never be worn again can be given new roles.

Consider upcycling them into functional or wearable new pieces. Things for the home like pillows, blankets and rugs can be made from sweaters.

They can also be converted into potholders, baskets and even bags. Additionally, dolls and soft toys can be born from a forgotten sweater.

Sweaters that you may not be able to part with, but don’t necessarily want to wear as is, can be made into new clothes. Gloves, hats and scarves can be crafted from sweaters. Many projects can be done that do not even require sewing. For instance, pieces of them can be cut into appliques and placed onto other clothing with fabric glue. You can also use the cuffs from old sweaters and turn them into sports or stylish sweatbands.

Reuse Old Sweaters

Image source: www.savedbylovecreations.com

They can even be turned into fashion for your feet. Sweater boots can keep feet warm in colder weather, but they can be pricey. You can make your own just by taking scissors and hot glue to an old sweater and a pair of flats. They can be specifically tailored and are much cheaper than the purchased kind. Recycled sweaters also make great slippers and socks.

For over 100 ways to reuse old sweaters, see AlwaysChrysti’s ideas. Also check out Pinterest’s sweater crafts display for visual crafting inspiration.

Sweaters can also be recycled for the materials. Yarn can be expensive, and wool sweaters that are in good condition can be fairly easily salvaged for it. Basic tutorials tell how to unravel sweaters so the yarn can be used again. Taking sweater recycling to the next level, this un-knitting machine is an innovative way to undo them. Made by Imogen Hedges this bicycle uses pedaling motions to unstitch sweaters so the yarn can be reused.

If you have some time, repurposing sweaters is a fun, original way to reprocess what may just be lying around.

From basic sweater transformations to the more complex, removing them from their overlooked spot in the closet is a great excuse to purge and get your craft on.

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