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These Diamonds are 100% Perfect

All over the world designers are coming up with new ways of dealing with the millions of tons of plastic thrown away each year.

But only some plastic waste gets recycled back due to the complexity of separating the material’s different categories (e.g. PWaysET, HDPE, PS), leading to generate only few amounts of products, which sometimes, have really poor appearance.

Recycled Plastic Diamond Seats From Chile

Image source: www.ralonso.com

With this in mind and taking into account what he could source in his local area, Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso creates beautiful diamond-shaped seats made entirely from recycled plastic coming from old electronics, toys, drink trays and even stadium seats.

Dubbed ¨100%¨ this wonderful line is made using the rotomolded technique, a low-energy, low-cost process that can turn plastic waste into beautiful speckled designs.

Recycled Plastic Diamond Seats From Chile

Image source: www.ralonso.com

Alonso’s designs take the shape of irregular polyhedrons, with flat surfaces ideal for stacking them. Durable and light, the designs are hollow yet very strong, although they are made from 100% plastic.

The line also includes faceted recycled waste plastic bins with the same colorful aesthetic and we expect to see more designs to be added to this very unique and conscious line.

The ¨100%¨ seats were made as part of a collection for the urban equipment company Fahneu, which is based in Chile’s capital Santiago. Created for taking a rest within urban public areas, they are ideal for outdoors use as they are waterproof and very strong.

Recycled Plastic Diamond Seats From Chile

Image source: www.ralonso.com

The company chose Alonso’s designs not only for the fantastic recycled aesthetics he comes up with, but because the rotomolding designs make great economical sense: they use little energy during production, they can be mass produced, the raw material is widely available and the results are wonderful and very affordable.

¨100%¨ not only gives new life to old materials, it takes into account the whole product lifecycle and can be recycled at the end of their lifetime.

When reaching the end, they can be re-crushed and re-rotomolded to form new sustainable designs.

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