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Recycled Newspapers Offer 3 Unique Designs

In 2010, the recycling rate of newspapers in the U.S. reached almost 72%.

Newspapers can be reprocessed into many different objects, and some designers have turned to the medium as a resource for their works. Below are some creations that are definitely an upscale effort of what is possible with recycled newspapers.

Ivano Vitali knows the capabilities of recycled resources. Creating sustainable art with them for decades, one development that used newspaper as fabrics produced a clothing line that looks more stylishly complicated than the papered headlines they came from.

Uniquely colored and textured, the time consuming collection process and fabrication procedures definitely resulted in a slow fashion manufacturing method. The items were torn into slivers and twisted into yarn that was crocheted and knitted to form wearable pieces without the use of glues, additives or additional chemical colorants.

Recycled Newspapers Turned Into 3 Unique Designs

Image source: Ivano Vitali artnest.it/index.html

Recycled Newspapers Turned Into 3 Unique Designs

His inspiration for this and other works are in part from a 1960’s art upheaval that began in Italy and pushed the artistic boundaries of the time. His zero impact, found art uses progressive materials and statement pieces that are often presented in order to challenge a largely commercialized mindset. Mainly using recycled newspapers, he has produced many items from tapestries to dresses.

Another newspaper design not just reserved for the closest comes from Sumer Erek who decided to construct an entire house from the tossed out papers. Asserting that rolled up newspapers can actually form a durable material, he built a house out of them – 85,000 of them – in 2008 that was displayed in Gillett Square in London.

Recycled Newspapers Offer 3 Unique Designs

Image source: newspaperhouse.blogspot.com

Currently it is said that the well-read home includes more than 100,000 newspapers.

Even bigger than the house, a larger newspaper project exists. A design firm has formed a circle shaped cinema made from bundles of recycled papers for display at the 2013 World Stage Design Exhibition scheduled for September.

The Recycled Paper Theater from Studio Andrew Todd doesn’t need a headliner.

Recycled Newspapers Turned Into 3 Unique Designs

Image source: facebook.com/StudioAndrewTodd

Recycled Newspapers Turned Into 3 Unique Designs

These are admirable artistic recycling efforts that took tons of creativity and materials, but also lots of time.

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

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