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Recycled Glass Never Sounded So Good

If you love music and recycling, read on.

There is a way to combine the two, and the outcome looks and supposedly sounds like no other.

Speaker components, worlds of wiring wonder and an essential outlet for sound, come in countless forms. Many are not ecologically made and can be constructed from materials that are prepared to house the fragile internal system but without much regard to the outer environment.

There are actually several versions of glass speaker systems, however a smaller number of those are made from recycled glass.

Rinz Sound is one company who offers up a set that certainly appears different than any speaker that comes on a shelf. Their futuristic designs look neat on the outside, but make an even better impression when you learn they are made from recycled glass and ethically sourced animal leathers.

Recycled Glass Never Sounded So Good

Image source: rinzsound.com/bespoke

Recycled Glass Never Sounded So Good

Designer Arina Sprynz has combined art with functionality, and the interior design outcome mixed with the sound capabilities in these loudspeakers delivers with a frequency response of 62Hz–22kHz +/-3dB sensitivity: 88Db.

Check out how they are made:

Another sustainable sound source can be found in a project from designer Alex Killeav.

The Peardrop loudspeakers have an outer shell made totally from recycled glass and have a distinctive, smooth pear-shaped appearance.

Recycled Glass Never Sounded So Good

Image source: behance.net/Alex_killeavy

Though durably made from glass and meant to last, they are also completely recyclable at the end of their sound producing days.

In the U.S. alone, glass accounted for 11.5 million tons of waste in 2011 and although glass recycling is on the increase, only around 28% of glass products are actually turned in for reprocessing. Glass is one material that can repeatedly be made into new products, and around 90% of it is formed into beverage and food containers.

High quality speakers manufactured from recycled glass sounds like a promising new market.

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