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Recycled Fashion Items

Handmade products have a unique presence in fashion. Most handmade products have less of a carbon footprint and can be composed of recycled materials.

Here are a few interesting handmade accessories designed from recycled materials.

Over at Terracycle they use waste wrappers such as M&M’s, Lunchables, and Capri sun’s to make designer upcycled bags. They use a program called the Brigade that encourages schools to collect waste and send it in to earn money for school funds; individuals can also participate. Terracycle’s products are offered at most Targets and Wal-Mart’s.

Another uprising trend is the swanky pull tab purses.

At the Ecoist they have a few designs for sale that are handcrafted in Brazil. The aluminum tabs are recycled from a local factory and washed. The tabs are then crafted into chainmail and stitched together to make purses. These are made from 98% recycled materials.

Recycled Fashion

Image source: www.ecoist.com

Tabsolute on Etsy  sports a shop full of pull tab accessories. A pull tab belt with crochet knitting to hold the tabs together like chain mail is a unique eco-friendly accessory. Tabsolute feature cross link tab bracelets along with ribbon entwined tab bracelets. Though, the handcraft mastery is the pull tab bowl which is linked together with plastic tie wraps.

Recycled fashion

Image source: www.etsy.com

Etsy is a brilliant source for handmade recycled fashion wear. Pull tab accessories to glass bottle jewelry the world of handmade on Etsy is definitely doing their part to help sustain and globalize eco fashion. Etsians also offer patterns to make plastic yarn for reused shopping sacks keeping plastic products out of our oceans.

Have you got your finger on the eco fashion pulse?

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