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Old Electronics Now Sitting Pretty

A total of estimated 50 million tons of e-waste is generated globally each year and sadly only 15-20 % of it gets recycled.

Technology’s fast pace together with planned obsolescence in objects leave mountains of electronic waste with components that are extremely harmful, if they are not properly managed.

But some eco-designers are making good use of this trash, highlighting the problem with cool functional objects.

Chile’s N+ew Fantastic E-Waste Seats

Image source: www.ralonso.com

Based in Chile, designer Rodrigo Alonso is busy sorting out unloved CDs, qwerty keyboards, multi-colored cables and motherboards turning them into fantastic e-waste seats.

The Latin eco-designer uses (not-so-eco) epoxy resin to “suspend” as much electronic waste as he can possible fit in one seat, creating trashy looking designs called N+ew. N+ew stands for No More Electronic Waste and is a series of limited edition cubic seats that gives new life to old technology.

Each seat is made by filling a cubic mold with electronic waste and adding a mix of epoxy resin and some melted recycled aluminum. The result is a sea of floating components that constantly reminds us of all the stuff we trash.

Chile’s N+ew Fantastic E-Waste Seats

Image source: www.ralonso.com

The innovative seats are sold in transparent or fiery red color and as a limited edition they are only made to order.

Produced to highlight the difficulty and high price of separating all those precious materials for recycling, N+ew is obviously not a solution but a way of dealing with the excess dumped materials through wonderful designs.

Chile’s N+ew Fantastic E-Waste Seats

Image source: www.ralonso.com

The N+ew collection is made with the help of Chilean social recycling company Recycla, who donates the materials for making these weird looking sustainable seats.

Inclusive and social, Recycla not only recycles e-waste into raw material for making new products, they also employ former prisoners incorporating them back into society, giving them a N+ew opportunity in life.

N+ew Rodrigo Alonso designs

Image source: www.ralonso.com

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