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Button Up

Buttons could be the most forgotten about accessory.

Typically used for function and no so much for fashion, there is a new focus on these small fixtures.

The fashion savvy know that even the smallest details matter. This sense for style, combined with a new way of attaining materials, imparts a truly interesting way to fasten that won’t permit buttons to go unnoticed.

High end fashions incorporating dramatic buttons are prevailing ways to wear them as accessory pieces.

The following photograph from Studio Swine showcases them as eye catching additions. Their Button series was inspired by architectural elements.

However, bringing attention to the details isn’t only in the design.

Hoyan Ip, a designer with an uncommon eye, has found a new way to make buttons, and her embellishments definitely stand out. Taking the problematic issue of food waste and using it in her line called Bio-Trimmings, she actually makes buttons and other accessories from tossed out food.

Using a readily available resource, extremely unique creations are made which make the observer question whether or not they would be willing to wear an item constructed from the leftovers on dinner plates. The process may not be pretty, as it involves saving, blending and molding food scraps, but the end result does make it a little hard to believe what medium was used for manufacturing.

Destroying the boundaries between conventional fashion and recycling, this project is a thought provoking way to reuse while bringing attention to issues like global food insecurity.

Producing buttons is not just reserved for the fashion industry, though. Collecting and reusing buttons to create striking do-it-yourself designs is a great way to switch up an existing wardrobe or add intricate details to objects.

Crafting a Green World has compiled a few tutorials that have recycled button ideas. Techniques for making them from tree branches, paper and #6 plastics, as well as using fabric remnants to make covered buttons, are included.

Image Source: Hoyan Ip’s Bio Trimmings

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