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Levi’s WasteLess

Levi’s have introduced a new collection of denim incorporating post-consumer waste, specifically recycled plastic bottles and food trays.

Each WasteLess product will include a minimum of 20 percent post-consumer recycled content, or, on average, eight 12 to 20-ounce bottles per jean. The WasteLess product will be available in Spring 2013 in both women’s and men’s jeans.

The WasteLess collection will use more than 3.5 million recycled bottles continuing on the company’s commitment to sustainable design. PET plastics will be the materials used which included brown beer bottles, green soda bottles, clear water bottles and black food trays. These are collected through municipal recycling programs across the United States. The multicolored bottles and food trays are sorted by color, crushed into flakes, and constructed into a polyester fiber. The polyester fiber is blended with cotton fiber and woven with traditional cotton yarn by Cone Denim to create the denim used in the Levi’s WasteLess jeans and trucker jackets.

In the Spring 2013, the Wasteless line will feature for men the Levi’s 511Skinny jeans, Levi’s 504 Straight Fit jean, and the Levi’s Trucker jacket which will be available worldwide. For women, the line will feature Levi’s Boyfriend Skinny jeans which will be available in the U.S. and Europe. Hopefully they will tag the jeans letting us know which color of the bottles recycled are in our jeans so we can brag how hipster we are with our green fashion ability.

Although plastic pants do not necessarily sound all that comfortable only 20% of the denim is actual plastic. The recycled fiber is mixed with cotton fiber so your jeans will have the same comfort as any other jean you might wear.  Forunately, you will only have to wait till January 2013 to slip into your new hip green jeans from Levi’s Wasteless. Perfect way after Christmas to spend your green while being green.


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