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100% Recyclable Sneakers

Shark Tank is a television show that matches a panel of five potential investors who listen to pitches from budding American entrepreneurs.

Gary Gagnon was one such entrepreneur who appeared last year and pitched his special sneaker. Previously named REMYXX, REKIXX aims to change an industry and the world.

With more than 300 million pairs of shoes thrown away last year, in the U.S. alone, REKIXX is taking matters into their own feet.

The sneakers properly named REKIXX are the only sneakers from laces to sole, that can go back into the recycling process for zero-landfill impact.

REKIXX are unique sneakers that are 100% recyclable.

REKIXX is a brand that represents awareness and sustainability. The brand promotes and demonstrates good recycling and a green lifestyle. Gary Gagnon made a sneaker with a purpose.

REKIXX may look and feel like they are made of canvas and rubber but they are actually made using 100% recyclable materials. All worn and beaten REKIXX shoes can be recycled to make new products and materials, including a new pair of REKIXX. The shoes designs are not the prettiest, but they are still like any other.

When the worn out REKIXX sneakers have absolutely no kick left, send them back to the manufacturer who will guarantee that every part, from laces to sole, will be recycled. When you send your shoes back to REKIXX with your email address, they will even give you a special discount on your next REKIXX purchase.

Next time you need new shoes, consider REKIXX as a safer, smarter alternative.

The shoes are good for your feet and even better for the planet.

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