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Catch Your Own Water

Each month we pay our bills: mortgage, electricity, insurance, phone, water, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut back?

Rainwater catching allows you to collect your own water, for free, and naturally. “Treated rainwater from a catchment system is in many cases safer, than treated drinking water from a city,” said Tim Pope, board member, former president and Educational Coordinator of the American Rainwater Catchment System Association.

Both developed and undeveloped countries catch rainwater. Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America use rainwater as a substitute for some of their water usage.  Whether you are gathering rainwater at home or at the office, you can save anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of treated drinking water from your home and up to 80 percent at work.

“Water is a very abused resource,” said Pope. “Laundry use alone is 55 percent of the water usage in a home. If you are using 55 percent less of your drinking water, it is made available to people who need clean drinking water.”

How much rainwater can you collect? Take one square foot of your catchment area, a roof or surface that can collect rainwater, and multiply that by each inch of rain. It equals out to be 0.6 gallons of water per inch. When the average roof size in America is 750 square feet, that makes for a lot of clean water for your home, and more money in your pocket.

But don’t be selfish. You can use this water for your animals and agriculture, as well. Pets, like us, require a lot of water. Same goes for your plants.  Using your rainwater will save money, not to mention quench the thirst of your pets, agriculture and family all year long.

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