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Playing With Architecture

Playing With Architecture

Image source: itunes.apple.com

We can’t all be pros in the fields of architecture and design. But we can play around with architecturally inspired worlds.

Check out the following for some inspiration, fun and a good excuse to get your inner creativity on.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, AutoCAD 360 is a free app that lets users draw, draft, edit, share sketches and more.

This is a great resource applicable in the field with additional subscription based capabilities, and there is also a web version.

MagicPlan is a free iTunes download that provides a platform for drawing out floor plans.

Users take pictures and are then provided with room measurements. Items and a range of features can be added to make an internal map that can also be shared.

Sketchbook Mobile is a paint and drawing app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is said to be professional grade and versatile. It does cost a few dollars, but has been known on occasion to be offered for free as a featured app.

Product and graphic designer Matteo Muci has created an animated assembly of 5 classic homes that literally drop from the sky and begin their constructions.

Neat to watch, it pays homage to the design process and explores the styles from various periods.

On Google Play, Houzz has endless ideas and compilations of interior design collections. There is also information provided about products and for architects and designers. It is free, works on most all devices and is perfect for pulling together inspiration and wish lists.

Also free on Google Play, DeHome – Architecture & Design has home and office design boards.

Free for Windows 8.1, Architecture offers a look at global projects, including recent designs.

The Monument Valley game will set you back $3.99 U.S. on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Available from the App Store, it explores the relationship between architecture and the gaming experience.

Playing With Architecture

Image source: monumentvalleygame.com

It assimilates the works of M.C. Escher with a creative and innovative blend of the architectural world, art and video games.

Users make the 3D artistic worlds come to life by playing with graphic design. Pictures of the imaginative displays can be taken, and the character interaction makes the architecture react.

Playing With Architecture

Image source: monumentvalleygame.com

If you have any recommendations for free apps that are architecture and design related, please share them in the comments below.

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