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Cat Condo

In many areas of life we try to preserve space. This is sometimes easier for organizing or storing items, but can be hard for kids and pets.

With cats, at least, there are the so called “cat trees” and “cat condos”, which provide areas for rest and observation, and take up little room in your house.

As convenient as they are, many cat condos seem to be over-priced, which is odd considering most are made from cardboard. Using empty containers and other scrap materials, you can make your own, whether you make it short and comfy or a massive ceiling scraper is up to you.

Plywood or scrap wood is best for the base of the condo, though you can also use the cardboard from a packing box. The base may be left as a rectangle, but depending on the space may be more attractive if cut into a giant circle. If you have leftover carpet or other material, you can give it new use to cover the base and other sections of the condo. This adds comfort for your cats and makes the condo more attractive.

With the base selected, you’ll need posts to support the upper levels. The posts of the condo bring about many materials to choose from. From coffee cans to quick oat containers – nearly any sturdy container will work, so long as the posts are equal in height. You can attach the posts easily to the base using a staple gun. You’ll want at least two or three posts to ensure the next level is well supported. Once the posts are up, you can utilize them further by turning them into scratching posts. Do this by wrapping Sisal rope around them.

To create the next tier, attach a piece of cardboard (make sure its perimeter is smaller than the perimeter of the condo’s base) to the tops of the posts, again using a staple gun. You may cover the upper tier with carpet or fabric as well. If so, cover the tier before attaching it to the posts. Depending on your preference, you could stop here or choose to make the condo go higher. Usually, it is best to scale down the size of the posts on each additional layer. So, if adding another tier, choose smaller posts and top them with cardboard of equal or smaller size than that of the middle tier.

With the basic construction completed, now is a good time to add toys or embellishments to keep your cat’s attention. This will give it dual functions as both a play fort and a napping area. Many cats enjoy playing with common household items – they call them curious for a reason – so hanging strings, shoe laces, or old mobiles may keep them amused.You could also add feathers but they probably wouldn’t stay there very long.

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