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Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

Those with young children around, in particular, can have a tendency to hate plastic toy clutter.

Poor quality plastic toys and trinkets can invade a space, quickly taking up room, and it can also be a reminder of wasteful consumerism.

As someone who has loathed my share of I will break in an hour or less plastic toys, the following artists with a strange approach to recycling them is sort of captivating to me.

Oh Barbie. She has taken an abstract turn with these jewelry designs from Margaux Lange.

An early love of the Barbie doll and all her infinite and imaginative adventures inspired Lange’s jewelry designs. As a young child she stated that Barbie was a vehicle for creative play and expression, and as an adult the resourceful recycling and new way of seeing the doll has produced a slightly strange series of accessories.

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

The recovered doll parts are used to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings and conceptual pieces. Often framed in sterling silver, her pieces are an odd but intriguing representation of the classic plastic doll.

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

Lange finds developing the cookie cutter doll into something more original and stimulating.

From the artist:

I take pleasure in the contrast and contradiction of transforming something mass-produced into unique, handmade, wearable pieces of art.

Lange has been reworking the conventional doll for her Plastic Body Series for nearly a decade, and has grabbed the attention of the jewelry industry and Barbie enthusiasts.

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

Much more creative than the basket of Barbie heads that have formed at my house.

All above images are the work and property of Margaux Lange.

Freya Jobbins is an artist with an eye catching take on sculpture.

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

Using various children’s toys and plastic doll parts she is able to piece together unbelievably detailed works. Some show funny faces, famous celebrities, and some can seem to be a bit on the darker side.

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

All are meticulously hand assembled, formed and glued. They are also all visually entrancing.

Plastic Toy Clutter Beware

More than just provocatively pieced together plastic, but the collection is also an exploration of consumerism and recycling attitudes.

The artist explained the nature of her work and material use:

My work explores the relationship between consumerist fetishism and the emerging recycling culture within the visual arts. Due to our society’s over consumption of plastic children’s toys, the materials I need for my assemblages are all very accessible.

Jobbins is also an established printmaker.

All above images are the work and property of Freya Jobbins.

Piles of plastic toy clutter everywhere are begging to be used in such creative ways.

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