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Once Only Tea Set

Paper origami tea set

Image source: www.yuyavsdesign.com

Yuya vs. Design is a design studio based in The Netherlands, directed by Japanese designer Yuya Ushida.

A graduate from renowned Design Academy of Eindhoven, Ushida creates objects using exclusively everyday materials and traditional building techniques.

Born in 1975 in Nagoya, Japan, Yuya Ushida was the child of the manager of an ironworks and was constantly exposed to a creative busy environment. He always enjoyed making things with his hands and his motto is still “to make objects which make people happy” adding a playful critical edge to his designs.

Ushida realized from an early stage that his own interest was on making practical things that would contribute to people’s daily lives, instead of going to University to study mechanical engineering, ending up just making “machine parts”.

His own personal drive and attitude to the subject and a love for hand-making stuff brought the Japanese creative to move to The Netherlands to study in the innovation hub that is the Dutch design academy.

One of Ushida’s magical creations is Paper Tea Set.

A collection of biodegradable objects made from paper, which poetically celebrates the ephemeral act of drinking a cup of tea. Each element from the set was folded from a single sheet of coated waterproof paper, tighten using a biodegradable cotton string and in some cases, a wooden ball.

Ushida’s designs are as temporal as beautiful. They include cups, plates, milk jug and teapot, all made from biodegradable non-toxic materials. They have a unique aesthetic that leaves you wondering, if they would work.

But the designer expressed that they are made to be used only just once, remind us to slowly enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.

If you liked this concept and lust for more biodegradable unique designs from Yuya vs. Design, go on his website and see his fantastic sofa made from 8,000 chopsticks!

Origami paper tea set

Image source: www.yuyavsdesign.com

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