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Futuristic Operating Room

Interior design is not only for looks. Places where design must go beyond aesthetics but be optimally useful as well are favorable in every space, however in settings like clinics and hospitals, this is a must.

Most don’t think of the layout in this type of setting, but designers and contractors know the functionality factor involved in a development of this scale.

One project called the Operating room of the Future by Studio Tjeerd Veenhovend, who are known for their ecological insight into their productions, showcased a hospital design that looks much different than ones presently in operation. In collaboration with a teaching hospital, the studio ran a workshop that focused on designing an operating room that may exist in the future. Working with other individuals from various fields they came up with a clean, smart space.

They inspected areas like storage, sterilization and how to best incorporate being accessible to others as well as equipment, including robotically supported technology. Other essential areas like air and lighting quality were examined, too.

Also, materials were reviewed and changed from current applications when an alternative was found to be superior. For example, the newer model of the enclosed operating area would include glass panels that can be easily cleaned and adjusted for visibility needs.

Research has shown the importance of allotting for plenty of areas that allow natural light and outdoor views throughout indoor spaces. In a hospital setting, this can have an effect on patient recovery as well as the mood and attitude of the staff. One study looked at the specific needs and requests of a surgical nursing staff in order to see what could be done to make their work environment better for their mental health.

The study pointed out that surgical units must serve as a place of action, recovery, respite and must constantly be functioning – just like the staff. Considering the environment that hospital employees are in for the duration of their work shift, which in an operating room can often be sequestered from the rest of the facility, can have an outcome on the staff’s moral over time. Understanding how to create a sense of connection in an otherwise closed off environment can help decrease stress levels.

Interior design and architecture can have a dramatic effect on its inhabitants. Environmental design takes this into account, and attempts to improve spaces to make them more advantageous to those who access them. In a place as important as an operating room, this is key.

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