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Open Up

A Federation style house in the ssuburban area of Mosman, Australia was on the receiving end of an update that transposed the existing arrangement into something entirely different, and over the top appealing.

Anderson Architecture completed the renovation, giving the home a completely new style, and a more connected to nature feel.

Open Up

Along with implementing energy efficient amenities, the clients also wanted to open up the home. The design assignment included completely opening up the entire posterior half of the structure.

Open Up Open Up

The project also involved the addition of several green features.

The back portion of the house faces north, so the extension was used to incorporate passive solar systems, which drastically reduces heating and cooling expenses. Windows were set to face north in order to let sunlight filter through every room.

Open Up

Materials were chosen for their thermal mass properties, including the foundation. It was set on a concrete slab and has solar hydronic flooring, capable of collecting heat and helps warm the construction in colder months.

Open Up Open Up

A 2.1kW photovoltaic solar panel system powers up electrical necessities. There is also a rainwater collection facility to capture water runoff that can be used in the home and outside.

Much of the addition was made with recycled supplies, and sustainable and local materials were used throughout. In the interior, gorgeous and responsibly sourced hardwood features can be seen in details like the staircase, window trim and parts of the ceiling and flooring.

Open Up Open Up

Attention was also given to finishes, with low volatile organic compound paints being used in order to decrease harmful vapors and environmental toxins.

Open Up

Restorations often have a hefty goal to accomplish in regard to keeping the original character of a home while adding in updated features.

Open UpBut when the renovation has a balanced conclusion like this one, both able to keep its novel charm while introducing new life, it is an example of how well it can be done.

All images are via Anderson Architecture.

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