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Instagram Fashion

I have noticed a few of my friends are using Instagram to sell their old clothes.

Just how prevalent is this buying and selling of second-hand clothes using this popular cell phone app?

Instagram might lead us to more responsible consumerism as second-hand shops are using the popular photography app.

There is a fairly large group of parents that use Instagram as a way to buy and sell their kids’ clothes.

These accounts are called “closet shops”. The accounts provide images of clothes up for sale in their up to the minute feed. Those parents who are clothes shopping can pay using Paypal. The trend has become quite popular. The clothes that are sold are not limited to kids’ clothes. Anyone with an Instagram account can do a simple search that will show shops around the world selling used, unwanted, or handmade clothing.

Instagram may be becoming the newest form of  Etsy, eBay or Amazon for many people, it is one new way to buy in a more environmentally responsible manner.

MyHauteCloset” is an account that has just over 59,000 followers and almost 100% of the clients are Instagram users. “MyHauteCloset” is a new era of consignment that started on Instagram. They scour the hottest closets from New York to Los Angeles. All items are 100% authentic and pre-owned. Most of the items are also luxury items.

The only catch is that there is no common hashtag for the photos or consignment accounts on Instagram. That makes finding these accounts somewhat tricky. Many shop owners do comment on others’ listings and have the word “shop” or “closet” in their account names, so finding one shop can lead to finding others. There isn’t a single common hashtag, but some hashtags that work to find shops include #secondhand, #secondhandclothes, #secondhandstuff and similar search terms.

There is also an app called Poshmark that allows you to buy and sell used clothes via Instagram.

It is amazing how quickly people can adapt to a new media platform for their specific needs, like buying and selling secondhand goods.

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