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Old Meets New

Sometimes a renovation can include obvious additions that may stand out, or may even overrun the original character of a home.

Villa CP from Zest Architecture is a restoration project that shows how to seamlessly blend old with new. The updated historical farmhouse building nestled in a gorgeous lot in Girona, Spain is laid back, sustainable and high on style.

The stone structure is rugged and rough, but also refined and refreshingly modern.

Old Meets New Old Meets New

Construction plans kept the old design but gave the home a solidly modern look. It was opened up to eliminate a closed in feel, including the addition of larger doorways and windows. This allows more sunlight indoors, softening the interior space.

Old Meets New

The façade mixed with sturdy wood and uneven stone give a hint at its rustic past, but inside a mix of contemporary style blends in.

Old Meets New Old Meets New Old Meets New

The interior arrangement is fresh and different.

The main floor provides the space for the sleeping quarters, and the positioning nearer to ground level keeps the bedrooms cooler on warmer days. The living rooms and social spaces are on the first floor with abundant access to the relaxing views in the background.

Old Meets New Old Meets New

New additions to the home included locally obtained cork insulation, which creates a more energy efficient barrier and helps with temperature regulation. Staying true to traditional building techniques, instead of exterior paint the insulation is sealed in with a natural plaster made from straw and clay.

Old Meets New

The clever sliding glass windows and strategically placed doors allow great cross ventilation, and the home makes use of geothermal energy for hot water and indoor heating.

Old Meets New Old Meets New

The water area includes a gravel and plant based filtration system, so it doesn’t rely on chemicals for maintenance.

Old Meets New

There are also reportedly plans to include a solar system and onsite windmill to make the home an off grid escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

The raw materials used in this renovation dance around with elegant touches like soft lighting, balancing each other out perfectly.

Old Meets New

Above images are © by Zest Architecture.

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