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Make Your Own, Portable Office

Portable offices are a convenient way to carve out space that is adequate for conducting work, but is adjustable – and altogether transferable – at times when you need to allot space to other activities. Often, portable offices are made using new or old storage units, like travel trunks. This is particularly useful for those who telecommute or run a business from home, providing an extensive home office that can be stowed away like a briefcase at the end of each day.

To give you an idea of portable offices, here are a few pr-existing options available.


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Trunk Station

This compact office on wheels harbors all the space necessary to store office essentials. With a fold-out desk for laptops and various shelves, drawers, and cubbies for utensils, this modular unit keeps supplies in place so you need only to open it up and resume your work where you last left off. The cubicle comes in black, white, red, and maple. It is paired with a compatible chair, both designed to make storage more efficient.


Restoration Hardware’s Secretary Trunks

While it imitates the charm of an old world armoire, the Mayfair Secretary Trunk is unfortunately no more than a reproduction, not an up-cycled antique. Thus, the company’s collaboration with antique dealers seems to commence solely for the purpose of ensuring the historical accuracy of the piece. Nonetheless, it is an optimal display in the potential space utilization of storage units. All you need to do is apply the same idea to vintage or antique trunks so that you can give them a new life harboring your office.


Image source: flickr.com

Make Your Own

With the above in mind, you can create your own portable office using an old trunk or footlocker. Certain musician’s cases will work also.
If the trunk you choose doesn’t already have wheels, you can install them easily using detachable wheels and an electric screwdriver. Be sure the trunk is tall enough that you can use it comfortably when seated. Also ensure there is enough room amongst its main departments where you can place your laptop or other computing device. Once you’ve determined a spot for your computer, you’ll want to drill holes behind the spot to allow for easier access to cords.

If you wish, you can line the interior of the trunk with cork-board, providing you with additional space for tacking up notes and memos. With that aside, how you use the remaining space depends on the type of trunk you use. Though if your trunk is lacking in drawers, you can insert multiple vessels on shelves to hold writing utensils.

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