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NYC Micro Apartments

It’s an innovation in all categories of engineering, simplicity, affordability, art, and size.

The adAPT NYC competition winning design is an entirely prefabricated apartment complex, with unique 250-370 sq feet apartment units. The building will be created in the Kips Bay area in Manhattan.

nARCHITECTS, the designers of this award-winning project, call their project “My Micro NY.” The efficient building will have 55 micro units, prefabricated by Capsys in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and will connect together much like lego. The architects say that each unit will have both a “canvas” and a “toolbox” space, to be used for artistic and utilitarian decoration.

The canvas will include the bedroom and living room area, and the toolbox will include the kitchen, the bathroom, a closet, and a liner loft with a ladder to access your storage. Each unit is fully accessible, even while the building itself isn’t quite in accordance with the zoning regulations.

Twenty two of the lower apartments will be rented out at much lower than market prices, with the cheapest going for $940 per month. The remainder will sell at market value or above, depending on the demand. The lower apartments will be sold in a lottery fashion, with those interested being able to enter to rent out a micro apartment.

The competition was created to encourage newer living designs, since the city has been rapidly expanding in recent years. It is also meant to help lower-income families and individuals afford a decent living space, since New York apartments are famously expensive, when considering what one gets in return for renting out a room.

Mayor Bloomberg explained the competition by saying, “This adAPT competition as we called it, was aimed at addressing a fundamental imbalance; while there are about 1.2 million one- and two- person households in the city, there are only about 1 million studio and one-bedroom apartments. Addressing this challenge requires us to think outside the box, and as it were, outside the current zoning regulations…These limits were created decades ago for a different time and a very different population.”


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