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Can Your Shirt Do This?

Probably not.

The shirt that is capable of detecting air pollution levels is not for sale, but it is an interesting concept design.

Created by inventive graduate students, Sue Ngo and Nien Lam, the pollution sensing shirt named “Warning Signs” is a prototype, but one that is begging to grow out of its sample shell and onto the shelf.

Complete with little lung or heart replicas on the facing of the shirt, it reacts to carbon monoxide levels in the surrounding air. Initially, the “healthy organs” are a vigorous pink hue, however when an air pollution culprit creeps near it, portions turn a darker color alarming the wearer and observers about the air quality.

Can Your Shirt Do This?

Image source: blog.nienlam.com/tag/warning-signs

Check out the shirt in action:

Think about wearing that throughout your day. Pollutant hot spots beware.

Though the shirts are not up for the retail market, the notion of contaminant detectable clothing could have vast potential, especially in a world that is full of triggers.

That seems to be what the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health think, too. The organizations have awarded a design in the same vein with the My Air, My Health Challenge contest.

The recipient of the award went to designers for their Conscious Clothing line. A technological advancement in the field of air quality monitoring capabilities that is individually tailored, the organizations deemed the design worthy enough to beat out other contestants. A $100,000 award for the model was presented, sparking talks of future research revolving around the idea.

The strappy structure can assess things like depth of breath and contamination levels with an innovative air sensor, and lights up by way of a LED display that lets whoever it is strapped on know the current state of pollution in the air. It can also detect and record other things like heart palpitations by looking at vibrations.

Can Your Shirt Do This?

Image source: fastcoexist.com/1682249/this-device-knows-how-air-pollution-is-affecting-you-right-now#1

Though a pilot design, developers plan to make a more wearable adaptation that may be integrated into clothing. Watch the video below for more information about the device.

Mixing technology with function, these designs create an awareness of air quality in unexpected ways.

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