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Not Quite The Empty Nester

You might not be too familiar with the concept of Biomimicry (or Biomimetics) yet, but it’s all about getting inspiration on how nature builds models, processes and elements in order to solve human problems.

The term comes from the Greek words “bios”, meaning life, and “mimesis” which mean to imitate.

This idea has been around for a long time and one of the early examples of Biomimicry, although never successful but highly inspiring, was Leonardo da Vinci’s “flying machines”, that were created by observing the anatomy and flight of birds.

Biomimicry-inspired Human Nests

Image source: www.animal-farmacy.blogspot.com

Taking this Biomimicry concept to an extreme, South Africa-based artist Porky Heifer is building incredible nests, just like birds do, but he builds them for humans.

Using only biodegradable materials, like bark, branches, willow and other dried plants, he gets inspiration from waver birds (including buffalo weavers, masked weavers and golden weavers), which are the top architects of natural homes.

Biomimicry-inspired Human Nests

Image source: www.animal-farmacy.blogspot.com

Cozy, intricate and biodegradable, Hefner customs-made his nests according to each customer’s taste, context and needs. The structures can be hung from trees, posts or even suspended stilts, making a great place to hide and look around from above.

These eco-friendly nests are obviously not a permanent living solution, but they offer a private space for relaxing, meditating or use as a secret getaway. They can also be hung in the garden, near real birds’ nests, and make a fantastic tree house, that both kids and adults will love.

To make this intricate work Hefner gets help from local artists and craftsmen who collaborate with him in the whole building process. To build the nests they first create a sturdy wooden structure and then wave the natural dried elements creating a comfortable sustainable pod that will last for a long time.

Biomimicry-inspired Human Nests

Image source: www.animal-farmacy.blogspot.com

Beautiful, organic and causing minimal impact to the environment, Porky Heifer’s nests will make people experience what is like living like a bird.

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