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Artful Integrations that Elevate Nature

The following sculptural installations function to enhance human interactions with the natural environment and how it is viewed. In concept, these structures are not far off from lookout point telescopes. But today, designers are going further to encourage a higher frequency of outdoor excursions, which promise to offer wandering patrons a different perspective with each trip.


Image source: saunders.no

Aurland Lookout

Born from the creative collaboration of Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhemsen, the Aurland Lookout promises uncompromising aerial views of the municipality for which it is named. The blond ledge extends far beyond the natural precipice, but is guarded with a thin, transparent wall, protecting visitors as they stand above the grand expanses of Norwegian bedrocks and valleys.


Image source: saunders.no

Nordic Stairway

Another installation from Saunders, this time in collaboration with landscape architect, Rainer Stange, the Forest Stair in Stokke, Norway ascends from a cliff within the Sti For Oye Sculpture Park.


Image source: saunders.no

It guides the eyes of visitors eastward to a castle and, just as the Aurland Lookout, grants travelers access to the Norwegian panorama at a greater height. In this way such installations act as extended lenses and defy-ers of gravity.


Image source: a trendhunter.com

Napping Chamber

When all is done, having thoroughly trotted and explored the designated woodlands, some pieces, as the Cocoon, make havens for a light and leisurely slumber. The Cocoon can be found in Dorset, England. Designed by AA Design and Make students, giant plywood and cedar tree shreds were interwoven to create shelter for hikers, where they could evade the sun’s glare while witnessing their surroundings from a more interesting angle.


Image source: trendhunter.com

The additional glimpses of scenery and sunlight that pierce through the wood lacing makes for intriguing imagery whilst you daydream.

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