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Mosaics Made From Familiar Items

Workbyknight is an artist who is grounded in Melbourne, Australia, but his works are not tied down to any conventional standard.

Also known as WBK, he has produced, in addition to other pieces, a large series of mosaic portraits titled Analog to Digital.

Reusing cast off keys and buttons from old computer keyboards, typewriters, calculators, phones and other digital equipment, he brings the small pieces to life in a larger connected context. Each key or button stands for a pixel, and he organizes them into laid out orchestrations with end results that are an imaginative and incredible reuse of the materials.

Mosaics Made From Familiar Items

He has created an extensive gallery of images, all designed with a mix match of keys and buttons from various sources. The meticulously placed pieces are formed into images of famous faces as well as recreations of classic pieces.

This particular series represents more than a remarkable reclaiming project turned artistic exertion, but the works are also a digital dialogue of a technological journey.

In discussing the use of keys as a medium, he recollects a device free childhood and now a slight longing for the tactile feel of the key as opposed to the disparate touchscreen. In an extended reflection, he refers to the mass produced button or key that doesn’t necessary stand out on their own, but are now residual timepieces of a dated era.

In contemplating his material for the series, he offers:

“…buttons to me also suggest the en masse world in which we currently live.”

Detailing and directing each commonplace piece, the linking of regular objects evolves into individual works of art.

Various buttons and keys are only a fraction of the mediums he uses as others consist of tiles, shoes and even doughnuts (click on image to see detail).

By taking readily available objects that may be ordinary in their original design, they are configured into arrangements that are familiar – but not ordinary at all.

All images from: workbyknight.deviantart.com/gallery

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