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Micro Flats Are Becoming A Big Option For Students

Student housing has changed a lot in the last decade.

Architects and designers have made attempts to update temporary accommodations, allowing affordability, style and a mix of ecofriendly features. These student flats represent all of the above, and the amenities are interestingly packed into some fairly compact spaces.

This new construction model is from the Tengbom architectural firm and is meant to be a cost efficient and sustainable use of space for student living.

Micro Flats Are Becoming A Big Option For Students

The layout was reduced from the size of other current student housing arrangements, and a lot of specifications had to be incorporated into a small space, forcing a truly demanding task. The living quarters, which are 10 square meters/108 square feet, include a kitchenette, bathroom, sleeping space and condensed study and storage areas. There is also an outdoor plot that includes a patio and garden.

In attempts to make the space appear larger, the architectural team supplemented the interior with visual elements like bold color and curvatures that extend and create a softened look.

Micro Flats Are Becoming A Big Option For Students

Micro Flats Are Becoming A Big Option For Students

Image source: Photography from Bertil Hertzberg via tengbom.se

Though it is a small area, by utilizing resourceful and economical building materials like locally sourced cross laminate wood, the rental fees are said to be cut in half. This mini home will also have a small footprint as it is made to be energy efficient.

This housing unit is a collaborative effort with a local wood supplier and real estate company, and future plans are to develop 22 other micro units to be move in ready in 2014. The architects also consulted with students from the University of Lund in Sweden in order to ascertain what was of interest and needed in a living area.

The model is currently being exhibited at the Virserum Art Museum in Småland, Sweden.

Coming up with strategic ways to make the most of micro houses isn’t only reserved for the professionals behind the firms. The following examples of compact housing units were designed by individuals who know a thing or two about student living.

This architecture student reportedly wanted a life outside of his confined dorm room, so he proactively constructed this micro space. The 7 square meter/75 square foot zone has a kitchen, bathroom and surely the envy of other students – a laundry area.

Micro Flats Are Becoming A Big Option For Students

Image source: Photography from Xiaotian via techeblog.com

Watch out workforce – someone on the hiring end should pay attention when this inventive mind graduates.

Another student project, the POD Home, was a massive collaboration of architecture, engineering and green design. Students and faculty from Ohio State University worked tirelessly to erect this environmentally geared home. Huge in comparison to the above residences, it is an 11.6 square meter/125 square foot home that was economically built with local supplies and is a solar powered, sustainable space.

Micro Flats Are Becoming A Big Option For Students

Micro Flats Are Becoming A Big Option For Students

Image source: via tinyhousepins.com

Though on the small end of the scale, these homes do have some benefits and can offer a fresh spin on the dated, boxed in concrete dorm spaces that many of us recollect when thinking of student housing.

Are you a student? What do you think of micro flat designs? Please share your opinion in the comments section.

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