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Masdar City Development Promises Eco-Metropolis

Many examples of sustainable communities can be found across the globe, however there is one currently in the construction and development phase that is breaking the blueprint mold.

Called Masdar City, the sprawling multifaceted area is located in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Masdar literally means ‘the source’, and it is planned to be an efficient, environmentally designed metropolitan expanse.

The project actually began many years ago and had hoped for a finalization date sometime soon, but now developers are looking at a completion date of 2015 for Phase 1 of the design.

It assures an upgraded lifestyle without a large footprint, which is not a small task for an entire city.

Completely ran by solar power as well as other renewable energy sources, the goal is to operate a net zero, carbon free zone. The whole town is walled in to keep the elements, like hot desert winds, out. The buildings inside the city are not massively built in order to keep to a low rise, high density design. Structures are typically no more than 5 stories high.

Masdar City Development Promises Eco-Metropolis

Image source: masdarcity.ae/en

 Masdar City Development Promises Eco-Metropolis

Parts of the sustainably designed city center have already been put in motion and portions of the planned municipalities are completed with pilot projects ongoing. Developers stated that there will be 1,000’s of green businesses throughout the region, which in turn will provide employment for those living on site as well as for commuters. Additionally, a science and technology university will be available. Another central feature of the complex will be a research and development site.

A large focal point of the immense project has been transportation, and it invites a new concept that is quite different than most cities have ever heard of. There are no cars allowed.

Air and noise pollution issues that exist in many cities are being controlled from the start. It is pedestrian centered although high tech forms of electric based transportation will be offered called group or personal rapid transit. This large range travel will be networked to locations inside and outside of the city limits.

With an emphasis on the environment and leaning towards life satisfaction, Masdar City’s price tag is said to surpass 2 billion dollars. Interested future residents probably need to start saving up for their real estate taxes.

Would you like to live in an eco-community? Take the neighborhood tour:

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