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Make Your Own Moccasins

Moccasins were originally worn to shield the feet from the elements and were always made from available materials.

Native American moccasins were constructed with outdoor wear and specific geographical areas in mind.

Though similarly made with animal hides, different tribes wore diverse styles.

Moccasins remain a popular shoe choice for their interesting history as well as their looks.

Although you can buy a kit, they can be handcrafted by reusing fabric materials, making a pattern and sewing portions together. If using leather, it is recommended that a medium thickness be used for moccasin making. However, if you prefer not to use leather, any type of sturdy fabric can be constructed into footwear as long as it can be cut and sewn.

Custom make moccasins with their intended use in mind. They can be made into slippers for mostly indoor use or fashioned for more rugged wear. Also, some moccasin instructions do not include a foot bed, but rather leave the sole area soft so remember this if they will be worn for lots of walking or out in the elements. You can make a sole to insert into your moccasin by tracing and cutting a durable and comfortable material to fit inside the shoe.

Homemade moccasins can be made as basic or advanced as your crafting skill will allow, and you don’t have to stick with any certain design but can make them to suit your personal style. For ideas on DIY moccasins, Pinterest has visual inspiration, directions and patterns. Don’t worry if a mistake is made or you don’t like how the moccasins turn out the first time, as they can be recycled into another smaller pair or turned into children’s moccasins.

Designing and constructing your own footwear saves money, energy and reduces waste going into landfill. Handcrafted moccasins make sustainable shoes and are a fun and useful way to craft.


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