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Make Superhero Costumes Using Recycled Materials

Know a kid that wants to be a superhero for most of the week?

Help them dress the part with fabrics and crafts that reflect their inner crusader. Many children’s costumes can be made with things from around the house and often no sewing is even involved.

The following designs are ways to recycle fabrics, felt and materials into cool costumes.

Living with punks has super bat masks and a downloadable template. If your little hero doesn’t want a bat mask, alter the pattern a bit then decorate it with fabric glue and their choice of trimmings. For example, animal masks can be made with fake feathers, cotton balls or other fur like material. Sequins, beads, flowers and glitter can be added for super princesses.

Have a traditionalist who prefers old-school superheroes? See if there is a template for one of their favorites among these superhero masks.


If a superhero utility belt is necessary gear, check out this crafty construction diagram to get your rough sketch going.

Kid crave has put together several neat do it yourself projects with links to the tutorials.

You need a cape to fight crime, so projects like capes made from towels and T-shirts are great ideas for repurposing items that may be worn or have holes in them. Martha Stewart also has a superhero cape and T-shirt instructional complete with alphabet, lightning bolt, planet and star templates that are perfect for using up fabric remnants.

Also, important accessories like cuffs and winged shoes can’t be forgotten. For defense against villains, they may need a magical shield that can also fly. Made from colored duct tape and cardboard this is a great idea for using up those round, cardboard inserts from pizza boxes. Consider this for an after dinner activity at your next pizza party.

Oh, and the rocket fueled jet pack is a must for quick getaways and adventurous travel, and it can also teach the fun in recycling plastic liter bottles. And don’t worry, there are no harmful emissions with this earth friendly design.

Imaginative play is a significant way for children to be creative, explore and develop their superhero skills.

So, save up fabric scraps and supplies, save a little money and recycle while crafting costumes that will be the star at playtime.

Image Source: Martha Stewart: Superhero Cape and T-Shirt Designs

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