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This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

Inspired by German design and responsive architecture, lumenHAUSE is an award winning student project by Virginia Tech University.

This completely sustainable solar space makes use of luminous light. This creates an efficient use of natural sunlight, but also incorporates research which shows that lighting can impact mood.

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It is a fully autonomous home, able to produce all of its own energy and remaining in a state of ideal efficiency by way of its own management system. It actually keeps track of the sun and is an optimal solar layout. It includes incandescent insulation panels and radiant heat, passive energy, rainwater collection, greywater recycling and an advanced shutter arrangement.

A computer program is incorporated that monitors sunlight, temperature, rain and even humidity levels. Data sent to the system allows the structure to adjust accordingly. In extreme weather the home closes, and in nice weather it opens by way of moving steel shutters. Sensors can track activity, regulate the home and even turns off the lights when they are not in use.

Constructed with recyclable and renewable resources, it is a 600 square foot home. The interior is laid out to increase space and maximize organization. The home may be small, but it is exquisitely made.

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

The ability of the home to open up allows easy access to natural outdoor space.

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

It now sits in Virginia, but is a moveable design that has been exhibited in large metropolises across the globe.

This Futuristic Home Responds To The Weather

This high-tech smart home definitely packs in a lot of innovative features.

All images via lumenHAUSE.

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