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Indoor plants have remained a popular household fixture for over 3000 years. They introduce nature into urban environments, define a room’s dimension, and improve the overall health of the home’s inhabitants. But what if we could go beyond the houseplant, or even vertical gardening to find indoor plants that are fully immersed within a piece of furniture? Below, are a few examples of living decor at its best.


Image source: www.trendhunter.com

Living Furniture

Designed by San Francisco based company, Habitat Horticulture,  Living Tables are made from wood, steel, and crowned with a sheet of tempered glass. The tables have a carrying capacity of 180 pounds per square feet, packing in an abundance of lush plant life to create dense pocket-sized gardens within your home. Their sleek and simple design create a perfect showcase for unruly plants, perhaps even accentuating their primitive nature. But, for those with a more adventurous color pallet, tables do come in an assortment of colors and wood types. To top it off, they require little maintenance, as all plants contained within need only to be watered monthly.


Image source: www.trendhunter.com

Walls that Breathe

Nendos, a group of Japanese designers, have merged organic material with real, live moss to create living wallpaper. Rather than climbing up your walls, the moss grows from within them. The calligraphic scrolls and flourishes of the patterns imitate the organic curves of vines, and further add dimension to a room. The designs, which also include room dividers, allow you to paper your walls with a garden’s worth of greenery, all the while saving on space.


Image source: www.trendhunter.com

Planter Chandeliers

‘Flora’ chandeliers are designed by Gumdesign for Tredici. These domestic fixtures both harbor plants and function to illuminate rooms of varying style, from the pristine and spartan to the gothically ornate. Plants may vary upon your liking, popular choices being ivy and cacti, with contrasting choices of chandelier styles. Some are minimalistic and structured, with more intricate selections appearing as candelabras, extending their arms to set a gaping antechamber ablaze with incandescent light.

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