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Architectual Oddities Fill-in City Gaps

Eradicating urban cavities across the likes of New York City and Helsinki, Live Between Buildings are slender apartments, set to be installed within the nooks and crannies of cramped city-scapes.


Image source: trendhunter.com

Their 5-foot width and tactful design allow the apartments to rest snuggly within areas that are otherwise difficult to utilize. They also allow occupants to live in-between homes without any indications towards a transient lifestyle. Their proposal came about as part of the International Design Competition, NEW VISION OF THE LOFT 2, organized by FAKRO in collaboration with the magazine A10 European Architecture – having won the contest.

The winning project was designed by a Danish team of architects, including architects Ole Robin Storjohann and Mateusz Mastalski of Germany and Poland, respectively.

The images below are proposed designs for filling in preexisting gaps in European cities.


Image source: psfk


Image source: psfk

The next are perhaps a bit more adventurous, if not in structure, then in imagery. Note the style of the second that appears like a ghost from Pack-man.


Image source: www.trendhunter.com


Image source: www.trendhunter.com

The lofts have the additional benefit of being low impact and, with nearly any shape at their disposal, Live Between designs have a unique opportunity to maximize space utilization without becoming either a visual or spacial obstruction to cities. Their scant facade leaving the integrity of existing buildings intact.


Image source: ZA Architects

An architectural implant of a more parasitic nature manifests in the ventricle-shaped lobby proposed for the Tablet Hotels. The lobby is to be suspended over a busy artery in New York City, with limbs that extend from one hotel to the other, functioning as a bridge and multi-recreational unit.


Image source: ZA Architects

Named the “Heart of the District”, the project was conceived by ZA Architects. The hotels themselves will reside within two existing buildings, from which the lobby ‘hangs’.


Image source: ZA Architects

Each tier offers an assortment of amenities, including restaurants, gyms, and cinemas. These facilities are not privately operated, and rather are intended to be used by visitors and locals alike. Though hotel guests will receive an all-inclusive access card, allowing them to use facilities for free.

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