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Artist “Plays” with Light and Shadow to Create Stunning Projections


Image source: Facebook

Rashad Alakbarov is an Azerbaijan-born artist, who works mostly with unconventional materials. Assembling an assortment of seemingly random items, he manipulates their positions and the lighting so it will play off the objects to create brilliant shadow projections.


Image source: Facebook

When viewed posed together, the objects appear to be at conflict amongst each other. However, the resulting shapes harmonize to create scenes that are universally familiar.


Image source: Facebook

“Two Cities from One Point of View”, is a great example of such collaboration. The skylines of each cityscape are seamless and instantly recognizable, with the variance of spires and temples. Yet, while their differences are noticeable, the cities do not clash.


Image source: Facebook

Mr. Alakbarov pursued his studies at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Arts, where he specialized in Fine Design. He graduated in 2001, that same year completing his “East and West” installation, which in 2007 was shown in Die, France.


Image source: www.yarat.az

Using items of greater translucence, Alakborav achieves a bold, water-color effect – effectively painting with lighting.


Image source: Facebook

Another example using suspended materials, the dangling plastic bottles make great light filters as they add an overlap of shades to help give the portrait its definition.


Image source: Facebook

Using a dimension variable technique with plastic pipes, the above is part of Mr. Alakbarov’s “Crisis – HA HA” shadow installation of 2008.


Image source: Facebook

“Made in China”, 2007, is a mixed media installation, again playing on shadows. Alakbarov’s posing of the cluttered items to create an outline of the pagoda-roofed structures that is clear and easily identifiable is little short of genius.


Image source: www.yarat.az

Here, another image from the installation. This time with impression of the setting-sun burning behind.

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