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Traffic Lights With Energy Saving Designs

Solar powered lights are on the rise, and traffic lights are increasingly switching to LED and solar designs.

New strategies in operating traffic and pedestrian routes offer energy efficiency and dependability.

Many transportation departments have already made the switch to LED (Light Emitting Diodes) traffic lighting. LED lights, compared to the previously used versions, are more energy efficient and economical.

One group of researchers set out to solve the issue of wasted and unwanted light from streetlights. They designed a suggested solution that forces the light to shine only where it is intended.

Many streetlights still get their glow from high-pressure sodium lights, which can be an inefficient choice, but can also create sporadic glare or light reflections. In studying streetlight designs, the researchers took into account that brightness can be actually be reduced by the light overflowing. This may cause up to half of the total light that is put out to dissipate.

Their design for LED street lighting features a system that only uses four parts, and the light fixtures are positioned inside an opening to diminish glare. One portion holds high-efficiency LEDs that use total internal reflection lenses that more evenly direct the light to form parallel rays. This recommendation for streetlight designs would reportedly save as much as 40-60% in energy usage, and the lamp would only lose about 2% of its intended light.


When using LED lights in combination with solar panels, the energy and financial savings goes up significantly.

Hojoon Lim, a designer who was concerned about pedestrian safety, has come up with an innovative 4-way traffic lighting system. Using LED lights as well as solar panels, so it can remain powered up even when there is no electricity. The design also integrates a supporting device that obtains laser signals that are emitted from traffic lights. This promotes drivers to have an increased sense of pedestrian activity on walkways.

Smarter traffic light designs that take energy consumption into account are greatly needed, and more reliable systems can increase transportation safety.

Image Source: Hojoon Lim’s 4-Way Traffic Stop design from designbuzz

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