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Lightbulbs For A Lifetime

Lightbulbs for a Lifetime

Image source: www.solutions.3m.com

Interested in a lightbulb that will probably last longer than your tenure at your current residence?

3M thought you might be, which is why their LED Advanced Light bulb is the best and longest-lasting bulb on the market.

By 2014, the Energy Independence and Security Act will ban incandescent bulbs in favor of LED’s and fluorescents.

The Advanced Light Bulb is getting a headstart on the market, and it’s your best option right now.

LED’s have the efficiency of fluorescent bulbs, but without the harsh light emission. For $25, you can own 3M’s light bulb that is estimated to last a quarter of a century.

That means no more replacing burnt-out bulbs ever again. If you’ve got the money to spend, why not outfit your entire home with Advanced Light Bulbs? Not only will you lower the energy bill, but you won’t have to make anymore rush trips to the supermarket for when the kitchen light goes out.

LED’s run on light-emitting diodes rather than super-heated tungsten. They use the same type of light socket designed for incandescent bulbs, and the $25 model is a 60-watt incandescent equivalent. The design is similar to a traditional bulb, except that in replacement of the frosted dome, an opaque globe surrounds an array of LED’s.

The 3M bulb turns on instantly, and will put out 3000k soft white light or 5000k cool white light, depending on which type you get. There is virtually no difference between incandescents and LED’s when it comes to performance, other than the effectiveness of the bulb itself. When used for an entire month inside an indoor lamp, the LED’s performed just as well as the incandescents.

3M estimates that their light bulb will only cost $1.63 per year for the average homeowner, whereas incandescents cost anywhere from $1.49 to $2.49, depending on the bulb and the usage. Then again, considering that you will have to replace incandescents after a relatively short amount of time, LED’s offset the cost and eliminate extra spending.

Another neat fact about LED’s is that they don’t get hot. After 7 hours of continuous usage, the bulb can be unscrewed by hand. The Advanced Light Bulb from 3M is a good investment by any standard.

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