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Green is Gold

Green is the Gold of the modern times.

Gone are the days when machine age ruled the trend charts, the days when luxury was displayed by gas-guzzling heating or electricity-sucking lighting.

With the rise in demand for energy the need and awareness for conserving it (and devising ways to conserve it) has also risen.

This very trait is well displayed in the homes and the buildings of today. They are usually designed in order to use the maximum potential of natural and renewable resources. With this in mind, the luxuries should be designed with maximum organic resources and the non-eco-friendly materials kept to a minimum.

Solar water heating, electricity generating solar panels and energy saving lamps were like preliminaries for green technologies. Over time, there has been a realization for the usage of alternate methodologies as well.

The increase in the usage of things like insulation materials and energy conserving machinery clearly states the changing trends and lifestyle.  The changes being witnessed are not only on the domestic front, but are being displayed in industry as well. Prominent examples are the solar powered furnaces, wind farms and the solar power dependent telecom BTS units.

The change being witnessed is slow but effective.

The programs on Discovery, BBC & National Geographic Channel have brought enough awareness that most of the newly designed structures are built (or at least tried to be built) “green”.

The only barrier (and the major barrier) that beholds the further widespread usage is the high initial cost.

But hey, considering the past, these costs have come down drastically and will further slide down with time and scales of production.

Considering the scarcity of resources and the unavailability of the power, the realization has to be that these alternatives are the drivers of future.

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